Flower game

This is a card game where you have to think quickly. There are four flowers in the game. A sunflower, a tulip, a rose and a violet. The cards are being divided between all players. Each player turns a card without looking at it and place it in the middle of the table. Then the player has to name the object he sees on the card. You would think it’s rather easy to just name an object you are seeing, but here comes the catch. You can’t say the name of a flower twice.

To make the game a little bit harder, there are also cards with a red cross over the flowers. When they have this card, you can’t name the flower that is crossed. Because of this, you will get in a situation where you have a red cross and the same flower. You can only use the names of the flowers in the game.  When you do say it twice or name the flower with a red cross, you have to take all the cards that have been placed in the middle of the table. You have to play the game fast so that there is not much time to think. If you wait more than 5 seconds then you also have to take all the cards.

Once a player has no cards remaining, he is the winner of the game.