Dinosaurs card game inspired by Pokémon

When children struggle with certain skills, using a game with a topic that they are interested in can help them to strengthen those skills in a fun way.  And this is why their enthusiasm of Pokémon cards inspired me to make this dinosaurs card game.

I’ve made a dinosaur card game inspired by Pokemon. There are 6 dinosaurs in this game. Each dinosaur can evolve 3 times. So you have a baby dinosaur, a mid-age dinosaur, and a full grown one. On the cards you have the following items:
1) the name of the dinosaur
2) a picture of the dinosaur
3) the name of the attack and the points that will be reduced
4) the icon of the energy card and the amount you need for it
5) the value of the card

Next to the dino cards you also have special cards:

1) the evolution card: This card is necessary to evolve the dinosaur, otherwise they can’t use the evolved one.
2) the switch card: They can choose a player and switch a dinosaur with this player.
3) the game on card: Everyone has to battle against each other.
4) the extra points card: They can choose if they add the extra points to their attack or to the value of the card.

How to play?

Each child gets 5 cards to start with and the rest of the cards are in the middle of the table. Each player decides if they want to challenge another player or if they want to take another card.  When they challenge a player, they have to look at their value on the cards and the points of their attacks.  So in a playful way, they are using math to know which cards are the best ones to use. The player who has the most dinosaurs in the end, wins the game.

The first time the children played this game with the rules I invented. But then I let them play on their own. Soon they began to make their own rules and the game evolved. When they are playing it now, you can see that each group has their own way to play it and are inspired by each other to create and invent new rules. As a result the game stays interesting and fun to play.

You could make this game in all kind of themes and use it for math or other subjects they learn in school.