Sudoku puzzles

Sudoku is a fun way of training the brain. We all know the traditional one with numbers, but I have created some puzzles with colors, figures and letters. You can let the kids try to solve the puzzles and afterwards let them check the puzzles with the solutions.  In this post I will also give extra ideas that you can do with these puzzles.

Extra ideas

– You can let the children solve the puzzle on a computer or you can let them color it.
– You can make it harder by using colors that look like each other for example light blue and dark blue.
– Adding a color quiz to the puzzle can make it more fun. For example finding 3 yellow square objects. You can use the subjects you are learning the kids in the quiz. When they complete the task, they get an extra color to solve the puzzle.

– You can ask the children to make up their own figures. Then they can give the puzzle to another child that has to solve it or bring it home for a family member.
– You can make it harder by using the same kind of figures, like arrows but changing the direction of it.
– You can use this during a math lesson. The kids pair up in groups and get an assignment. When they get it right, they get an extra figure to solve the puzzle. The group who finish the sudoku first wins.

– All kids get a puzzle. And the teacher tells them a letter. They have 30 seconds to find something that starts with that letter. If they get it right, they get an extra letter to solve the puzzle.
– You can make the puzzle in capitals or in script letters so that they can practice writing both.
– You can also make a wordoku where at the end of the puzzle they should see a word in the diagonal cells from top left to bottom right.

Here you can find an empty sudoku puzzle if you would like to create one yourself. empty puzzle