Four seasons card game

To play the four season game, you need 4 copies of each card.

2 copies of each card are being placed in the middle of the table like a memory. The remaining cards are being divided between all players. The players put the stack of cards in front of them and turn the first two cards. They put them next to the stack. Each turn the children have to find a card in the middle that is the same as one of the two cards in front of them. If they succeed, they can have another try and take a new card from their stack. When they can’t find the same card, it’s the next players turn. The person who has no stack cards remaining is the winner of the game.

Game variants and ideas

– Before you play the game with the children, you can play a game of which cards match with which season. When they know this, you can give them a season card to play the card game. Then they have to find all the cards that belong to the season on their card.
– When they find a matching pair, they have to tell a story about it. For example a memory or something they would like to do in the summer or another season.
– you can add or remove cards/seasons to make it more difficult or easier.
– You can also play it as a normal memory or a quartet.