My name is Ilse Vansteenkiste. I’m a cheerful creative person with a passion for education and a heart for children.


During my high school education of store management, me and my classmates started an enterprise. A part of our stock consisted of educational games. Because of this, I always had a huge interest in educational games. To find a playful way to use education, how it develops and can contribute acquiring knowledge without having the feeling that you are studying, is something that always intrigued me. That’s also the reason why I went to college to become a preschool teacher.


After my studies, I had working experience as a teacher and also in an after-school daycare. Additionally, I went to Spain to work in a hotel as the person responsible for the mini club, at which I worked with children who spoke all kinds of languages.

During these educations and jobs, I encountered that the way people teach you something has a huge impact. Not only on yourself but also in the way you will use these new skills in the future.

Educatief Plezier

Educatief Plezier is Dutch for educational fun. To educate yourself doesn’t have to be in a boring authoritarian way, but can be fun as well. That’s what you will find here at Educatief Plezier!