Pirate’s ship race

In this pirate’s ship race, the children play with their own ship and have to race each other in order to get to the treasure chest. But there are also traps in the game. So will they win the race or will they be cursed?

Each pirate chooses their color of ship and places it on the compass. The players take turns in rolling the dice. Then they have to look at the color they have thrown and put the ship on the same color. There is also a  purple color on the dice, because of this they have to skip a turn. The players also have to watch out for the curse in the game. When a player has a space with a treasure chest on it, they have to open it and take out a coin without looking. When they get a golden coin, they can keep it. But there are 3 other coins that have a curse on them:
– green: You have to put a golden coin back in the treasure chest.
– blue: You have to go 5 steps back.
– red: You have to switch with the person behind you.

The ship that reaches the treasure chest first, get’s to keep all the golden coins in it and is the winner of the game.